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I had a couple of small health problems this last week, so I neglected to do a post. I am back up to snuff and I continue with my adventure.

Anyone who knows me can say with certainty that when I am not well the last thing to go bad is my appetite for food. Well I was not sick enough not to indulge in as many foods as I could find. I discovered Vietnamese take out and delivery. I think you could order any food here and have it delivered. Now the cost is another thing. It is outrageous!!!!!! Outrageously cheap that is. A typical meal of BBB pork, rice, and greens delivered is $2.25 Cdn. I ordered everyday and never spent more then $5.00 Cdn. I ventured out for short walks (10km) several times and ate at local street food venues. Bun Bo Hue and Mi Man Thang are absolutely delicious. I had these dishes at lease twice in the last week.

I have posted photos of most ( Not all, too busy eating to take a photo) of the foods I have eaten.

When I was here last April, I heard of a restaurant called the Moose and Roo. (Canadian/Australian) I decided to give it a try last week. The food was very well prepared and tastey. I had a baked beet root salad with arugla, candied walnuts, beet coulis, and goat cheese. I ordered Nachos, seafood pasta, and chocolate lava cake for dessert. All the dishes were excellent. Oh, I had Vietnamese coffee with dessert. Did I mention how much I like Vietnamese coffee.

I think I am becoming a native. The Moose and Roo dinner was great, but does not hold a candle to a good bowl of Mi Man Thang. What was I thinking? Mi Man Thang = Delicious $3.00Cdn, Moose and Roo Dinner = Good Food $50.00 Cdn.

You will see that nuoc cham is mentioned in the photos. Vietnamese serve it at every meal. It is lime juice, fish sauce, salt, sugar, and hot peppers.

Roast Chicken with Rice and greens

Poached fish, rice, fresh lettuce, basil, mint, soup with potato from poaching liquid, and nuoc cham.

Eggs, green beans, and rice.

Fried fish, shrimp on poached greens, fried eggs, cabbage tomato soup, soya sauce, and nuoc cham.

BBQ pork, greens, rice, and nuoc cham

Steamed greeens, fried eggs, clear broth from greens, and nuoc cham.

Just picked oranges.

Smokey BBQ pork, mixed greens, and pepper soup.

Tomato soup, braised greens, eggs, and nuoc cham. Fresh grapefruit for dessert.

Shrimp soup with greens, and scallions.

  • Fried fish, poached fish, shrimp with braised greens, fresh lettuce, basil, mint, rice, and nuoc cham.

Roast chicken, cabbage, greens, and rice.

Fish based broth with dill, green onions, and fried fish.

Roast pork, yellow beans, and rice.

Instant noodles, fried eggs, and fresh pineapple for dessert.

Creamy shrimp soup.

Fresh grapes and star fruit.

Rice porridge with chicken, greens, and green onions.

Roast pork with braised cabbage and carrot. Rice.

Pork and cabbage soup.

Pork ribs, cabbage, and rice.

Roast chicken, morning glory, and rice.

Pork buns (Banh Bia)

Fish, brocolli, rice, and nouc cham.

Pho ga and tea

Beef broth with morning glory.

Chinese 5 spice ribs.

Steamed morning glory.

Soup of ground chicken and greens.

Guava, bananas, and oranges.

Bun Bo Hue (Soup, noodles, pork hock, beef slices, fresh herbs, garlic, spring onions, with a blood pate.

Mi man thang ( Soup, noodles, crispy wonton, regular wonton, BBQ pork, peppers, and greens.

Coconut with shredded coconut, raisins, ice cream, and carmel drizzle.

Vietnamese hotpot containing clams, pork, tomatoes. peppers, and greens.


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