Back in Hanoi

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The taxi that was arranged to pick me up at the Farm was delayed so I got to stay for for an extra day and night. Poor me, not. Another beautiful evening with a delicious meal and great company. Hanh makes a wonderful connoction from all the leftover bones from the pork, beef, chicken, fish, or other meat. It has a chinese 5 spice flavour and is cooked very slowly in a broth. It yields a delicious scrap meat dish with gelatin. Eaten cold with rice it is delicious. The taxi brought me back to Thanh Hoa where I was to connect to a taxi to Hanoi the next day. The taxi arrived 2 days later due to mechanical problems. Well Lien’s family hadn’t really gotten out of Tet holiday spirit, so it was food and drink galore. Again the meals were multi-dish with fish, chicken, pork, and beef. There was rice, noodles, mushrooms, pickles, green vegetables (Morning Glory being the most prominent), spring rolls, salads of papaya, etc., and fresh fruit. At one dinner I counted 40 people sitting around eating, drinking, and laughing.

Finally back in Hanoi, I have developed a head cold. My sinuses were blocked , so off to the local drug store to get dristan or such. After trying several times, I finally got some substitutes that work.

One of the great tasting delights I have found is the juice from freshly cut sugar cane. You will find street venders with mechanical rollers which they feed the cane through to extract the juice. I prefer to take a chunk and chew it extracting the juice in the process and then spitting out the pulp. Delicious!!!!

I also have a new favorite coffee, smoothie, and food cafe. There is a couple of pictures of the fruits available for smoothies,wow.

Well that is it for now. I will take my “snifflely” medication and go to bed.


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