Food, food, and more food

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February 5, or 1st day of the new lunar year, Tet, Happy New Year. Well the day has come and gone and I am still very full of food. We had a full breakfast at home and then it was on to the next 8 meals. I kid you not. I visited eight family member homes for a complete meal at each. Not a snack, mind you, but a multi-course meal. At many of the homes there was also appetizers; many assortments of candy, nuts, and fresh fruits. All the relations visit each other’s homes for a meal. Add beer, rice wine, and homemade whiskey and the partying begins. By 11:30 am, I had eaten 3 complete meals. And so it continued until about 8:00 pm. I met so many of Lien’s relations, I couldn’t even guess how many. I had an absolutely fabulous time. I was treated as a guest of honour and felt very welcomed by all I met. I think all of Vietnam is a “thin place” for me, if that is possible. I feel as if I belong here.

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