January 25-26

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Hanoi is such a beautiful city. A lot of the people who live here are poor, but it never ceases to amaze me how giving and kind they are. They will share whatever they have with a stranger and doing so with a smile. I have been meandering through the streets the past few days. ( 12-15 km per day) I just go, look, and experience with no real destination in mind. I have felt no animosity and have felt safe all the time. Walk, walk, walk. I eat any food I think is interesting and tastey looking and drink beer, tea, and coffee. Did I mention how much I love Vietnamese coffee!!!!!

I also managed to get a haircut, shave, and moustache trim. Expensive, I think not. $3.30 Canadian. A unique experience. Sitting in a barber’s chair on the sidewalk with motorbike traffic whizzing by behind you. I spent some time looking out over Lake Tay Ho while enjoying several cups of tea. Also from my previous post you saw workers planting flowers. All done.


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