Am I There Yet

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I left Charlottetown 06:00 am on Wednesday morning, January 16. A short 2.5 hours later I landed in Toronto and found my way to the required Gate for Hong Kong. I was flying on a standby pass and was happy to be called for a seat at 09:45. I got in the line for boarding passengers and slowly made my way to the ticket counter. Now when I fly, I usually have only carryon baggage. Where I go my bag goes. Not this time. Because of the large amount of carryon baggage already loaded, mine was confiscated and placed in the checked baggage area. This meant I would have to collect it at the other end in order to proceeed with my travel. Not a problem, I had 3+ hours in Hong Kong before my flight to Hanoi. Well it was a problem, as we sat for 2.5 hours on the tarmac in Toronto. Arriving late in Hong Kong, I enquired about my bag. Much to my chargrin, I found my bag was on the other side of security. I had to go through Immigrations and customs to collect it. Needless to say I missed my flight to Hanoi. It was the last flight for the day to Hanoi. After chastising myself for letting them take my bag and a lot of running around, I determined that my next available flight was the next morning at 08:35. Thanks to my wonderful daughter, Patti, and Sandy as a go between, I am booked on that flight tomorrow morning. I sit here in a fine eating establishment writing this blog and waiting to continue my travel. I have been on the go for 32 hours, containing two short 1-2 hour naps. Feeling a little wonky. Oh, I took a photo of my overnight accomodation and the fine restaurant. Wow.


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