Retirement Begins

In July 2018, we decided to sell our century old house in Pisquid, Prince Edward Island  and downsize to a Mini Home which we would place on another piece of land that we owned on the Island. We listed our property and had several people look at it. One couple placed and offer, which we accepted. We had a closing date of October 26. In the time between listing and selling the home, we looked at various Mini Homes. We found a used home, which we both liked at a reasonable price and arranged to purchase it. We arranged to have the home moved on the closing date to our intended property. A septic system and  well were installed and an electrician and plumber were engaged to do the hookup on delivery of the home. The move was to take a couple of days from our closing date. Much to our chagrin, the hired mover had not been entirely truthful and the move dragged on into a month. At that point we found that the hired mover had sub contracted the move and it would be several months before the move would take place. Not having a place to live we rented  at a Charlottetown Inn  for the Winter. It is December 26 today and we are still waiting for the Mini Home to be moved. My official date for retirement is January 11, 2019 and I have decided not to postpone my trip to Vietnam. I will leave on January 16, following retirement and spend 3 months there. My lovely spouse has no interest in traveling to Vietnam, so I will go alone. She will do her own travels as she sees fit. We will also travel together. We have purchased a travel trailer for North American adventures. Scotland probably will be our first trip abroad. So, stay tuned as we weave our way around the world and experience everything she has to offer.

Follow my travels as I visit countries,  meet new people, eat at interesting restaurants,  eat different street food, learn new skills, and generally experience everything this planet we call earth has to offer.